Another good meal at 30,000 feet

Dinning menus, a norm on international flights, are rare on domestics. Yet on the flight from Anchorage to LAX there it was. Green salad with haricots verte and a tuna pate. ImageThe choice of entree included a pork chop with peach reduction, garlic sautéed beens, and polenta. Desert was creme brûlée with dollop of chocolate.Image A glass of white wine topped it off well.

I have acknowledged that airplane food is the subject of jokes, and yes there is a lot that does not measure up. Yet Alaska has worked to raise the bar on domestic flights. Even their food for purchase available in coach is improving. Horizon continues to stand out as the only domestic to offer complimentary Microbrews and Northwest Wines – amazing.

Of course this is not to say that I would take even the best of domestic fare over say, The View Wine-bar, Village Wine, Brix, or In the Red Wine Bar.