Lamb kabobs and Grilled Scallops

Looking forward to a great weekend of food. Started with lunch on Saturday of Lamb Kabobs on a bed of spinach and lemon-marinated red onions. Tricia made an awesome salad dressing inspired by Ina Garten. 
Then one of my favorite wines, Ponzi Tavola Pinot Noir
Tricia had Grilled Scallops and the same salad. A tasty start to the weekend for sure.

Saturday Lunch

Roasted root vegetables are one of Fall’s great treats. The Rutabagas, the squash, and the garlic all came from our garden. Added a bit of golden beet from PCC and it was perfect. 
The Lamb was seasoned with a rosemary-salt-lemon-pepper blend that a co-worker of Tricia makes, worked so well. 
Tricia did her magic with salad, cherry tomatoes from our garden, garbanzos, slices of avocado, parmeson cheese. Dressed with mango balsamic and olive oil from our Global Gardens club shipment.
The wine was a Windy Point Barbera, from the Yakima valley. I love Barbera wines and this small winery is a favorite.
This is what weekends are for!!!