Italian Sausage, white beans and tomatoes

Some meals are just too easy, and too good. This has quite a French country flair.

Brown Italian, or other smoky sausage such as a Polish. Remove and set aside. Then add two cups or so of small tomatoes halved, or quartered depending on size to the still warm pan, if too dry add a bit of olive oil. Add a clove of garlic chopped along with herbs, whatever is available, and two cans of white beans, drained, salt and pepper to taste. Turn heat to a low and simmer for 10 minutes. Add the sausage back and simmer for another 10-20. Its ready.

A red or white wine will work fine, but since today is rainy and cold it is going to be red, bon appetite’


Back home, Rissoto for lunch, halibut for dinner

Good to be home, the last 5 days have been in 5 Choice hotels. Started the week in Reno, ended in San Diego.

Had dinner at Miguel’s in Point Loma, when I texted  my friend Jim Manker who went to school on Point Loma about where I was his reply was, “White Sauce baby !!!! How could something soo good be sooo bad.” It is a white jalapeno dipping sauce, chips and it would make a meal.

While traveling I am finding that I am reverting to my pescatarian days, most places use beef and chicken from sources that I resist, so fish and a sea food is a safe option. That is not a bad thing. The seafood stew I had at Miguel’s was the best meal of the week.