Eyeopening day in Genoa,

For some reason, obscure I am sure, when the idea of visiting Italy came up I was always hesitant. As ridiculous as it sounds all I can connect it to was their trains. Someplace, sometime I heard that the trains in Italy were not punctual and they were dirty. Thus my astute conclusion was is that was what the whole country was like.

I have never been on the trains but thankfully in September I had one glorious day in Genoa, it was an eyeopening day. How could you not love this city?IMG_1670

My best guess it that I wandered over 12 miles of the winding streets, sat and sketched in plazas, ate pizza and sipped wine and Italian beer. I even embraced the coffee shops. It was a wonderful day. Now I can’t wait to get back and explore more of the country.

I will let you know about the trains, but my old prejudice toward Italy has been replaced with appreciation.

I changed the site name

Welcome to Been there Eating this – the new name for my travel and food blog. For some time it has bothered me that my old site, Been There Reading This was not quite right as I had not posted a book I was reading for a long time. What I write about here is travel, food, and wine, so the name change makes sense. All of the old blogs are in the process of being imported, so if technology works all will be well.