Sheckleton and Leadership

Watching the movie on Antarctica reminded me of one of the best books ever on leadership, Shackleton’s Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer. Shackleton was considered a great leader in his time, and particularly the best in times of crisis.

This book reads like an adventure book, but each chapter is devoted to a particular skill that made Shackleton successful.

Made it to Seattle

The fog finally lifted in Juneau and we made it out. Alaska travel teaches patience, sometimes on time is simply getting out on the day you wanted to travel.

Maybe there are lessons there for all travelers, sometimes patience is the key.

Have to say a word about the Sound Transit Link from the airport, Seattle finally has  transit to downtown, $2.50 what a deal.

Antarctica, still a great facination for me

Watching a great documentary, Encounters at the End of the World. There is just something about Antarctica that continues to amaze me. About 30 minutes into the move are the most incredible recordings of seal sounds under the ice.

Also some great movie clips from Shackleton’s Endurance expedition. Might need to read Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyageagain.

Canceled flight and what to do

Fog is ever present this time of the year in Juneau, so the flight this evening was canceled. Long lines at the ticket counter are slow and limit your choices. Within 20 minutes of the announcement I was re-booked and writing this in the exact same bed I slept in last night.

Some tips:

  • Have the phone number of the airlines you frequent in your cell phone contacts
  • Phone the airline rather than waiting in line to re-book your flight
  • It really helps if you are premier member, they do try to accomodate
  • If the hotel you stayed in is close to the airport, call them first. You are a recent customer and so good-will may help. Instead of charging me extra tonight, knowing that I was in a tight spot, I actually got a bit lower rate.

The best piece of advice for facing delays and cancelations is to go with the flow, there is little you can do about it and getting upset just makes it worse. So I will curl up and read the rest of Surprised by Hope

Currently Reading

Currently reading an interesting book “Surprised by Hope.”

God created the world and placed man in it, his is in the process of reconciling and redeeming that world. Those who are followers of Christ are part of that process. And as we live today in anticipation of the final restoration of the world, we are called to exhibit that we are living as ones who hope with certainty that we will be transformed and reign with Christ in the future world. We are to live the Sermon on the Mount today in expectation that it will one day be the norm for the world.

Its Wednesday, I am in Juneau, Alaska

Warmer here than in Anchorage, a bit fortunate to get in last night as the fog in Juneau caused most of the flights Tuesday to be cancelled. But there was a break and we landed.

My hotel of choice in Juneau is the Best Western at the airport. I have stayed at the Westmark Baranoff downtown many times, its old classic hotel charm is hard to beat. But it is downtown and the airport is quite a few miles out of town so you have to rent a car or take a taxi.

I called the Best Western as I got off the plane, walked to the curb and in less than 5 minutes the shuttle was there. The staff of the hotel is always great and the shuttle will take me to the convention center the next morning for free. They have breakfast, nothing fancy but sufficient. Free wifi as well.

Anchorage, Cold and snow

Woke up this morning to single digit temps and snow on the ground, even the locals were compalining about the cold.

Hotel: Ramada Inn downtown, on 3rd. Stayed here rather than the Sheraton a few blocks away. The Sheraton was $169 per night and they of course continue to charge for parking, airport shuttle and WiFi – one of my pet peeves. It seems the more expensive the hotel the more you have to pay for what the moderate priced hotels give you for free.

My room at the Ramada was $69 after tax. That includes, parking, breakfast, airport shuttle  and wireless internet.

The room was localized with photographs of Anchorage in 1915, a pleasant change from the generic prints so many places use. Had to suffer with Lipton Tea, not a favorite. Have stayed here before and will do so again.