Anchorage, Cold and snow

Woke up this morning to single digit temps and snow on the ground, even the locals were compalining about the cold.

Hotel: Ramada Inn downtown, on 3rd. Stayed here rather than the Sheraton a few blocks away. The Sheraton was $169 per night and they of course continue to charge for parking, airport shuttle and WiFi – one of my pet peeves. It seems the more expensive the hotel the more you have to pay for what the moderate priced hotels give you for free.

My room at the Ramada was $69 after tax. That includes, parking, breakfast, airport shuttle  and wireless internet.

The room was localized with photographs of Anchorage in 1915, a pleasant change from the generic prints so many places use. Had to suffer with Lipton Tea, not a favorite. Have stayed here before and will do so again.

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