Canceled flight and what to do

Fog is ever present this time of the year in Juneau, so the flight this evening was canceled. Long lines at the ticket counter are slow and limit your choices. Within 20 minutes of the announcement I was re-booked and writing this in the exact same bed I slept in last night.

Some tips:

  • Have the phone number of the airlines you frequent in your cell phone contacts
  • Phone the airline rather than waiting in line to re-book your flight
  • It really helps if you are premier member, they do try to accomodate
  • If the hotel you stayed in is close to the airport, call them first. You are a recent customer and so good-will may help. Instead of charging me extra tonight, knowing that I was in a tight spot, I actually got a bit lower rate.

The best piece of advice for facing delays and cancelations is to go with the flow, there is little you can do about it and getting upset just makes it worse. So I will curl up and read the rest of Surprised by Hope

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