Best intentions in Australia – technology uncooperative’

Spent the month of April in Australia doing seminars. Went with the best intentions of many blog posts. Yet Internet access can be either challenging or expensive. Cafes that offer free wifi are infrequent, and the hotels are greedy in what they charge, thank goodness for McDonald’s and their free wifi. But that made it a bit hard to write and post.

I did seminars in Canberra, Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Darwin and Perth. And as always loved it there.
The exchange rate of old is a fond memory, so there is little savings, and food and drink are thus quite expensive. A pint is between $6 and $8 so there is a real bit of sticker shock, but priorities demand the sacrifice. My favorites in Australia continue to be VB (Victoria Bitter) and Coopers. Amazingly many Americans are surprised to learn that Foster’s is not at all ubiquitous, in fact you rarely see it.
Another thing I have never seen in 15 trips to Australia is a kangaroo, so I have come to the conclusion that the kangaroo is in the same category as the Leprechaun, the result of an over stimulated imagination. I just don’t know where the ones in our Seattle Zoo come from.
Here is a great place in Sydney, The Lounge. A retro place with fantastic pizza.
Here is on of me painting at Monsoon’s in Darwin, hot, humid and free wifi

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