Wine and cheese with Mary, Dick, and Hawkeye in Concord, CA

Another Best Western, on Clayton Rd. in Concord. Best Western Hotels are the largest hotel name in the world, they are for the most part decent places to stay, some as with any large chain are better than others. They work well for the budget traveler, unless you are really cutting costs. At those times, we end up at Econo Lodge or Travelodge, both of which are a definate step down, but I have stayed in them comfortabley many times and will again.

This Best Western is newly remodled I would guess, the carpets are not worn, the furniture looks new, and the king room is a bit bigger than most.

Stayed in last night as I often do on a long trip, though I love eating out it gets hectic and expensive. So I hit Safeway, a bottle of Firefly Ridge Pinot Gris, some pre-sliced cheese and crakers. All set.

The plan was to watch some rugby, but alas the wifi was too slow, a common situation. So I watched Dick VanDyke, Mary Tyler Moore, and Mash. Thank you all for the company.

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