Morning tea and corn syrup

It is sunny here in Rapid City, SD, and thankfully yesterdays wind is gone, even the locals complained about the wind. I am sitting by the window of the Ramada Inn, conveniently arranged so that if you open the blinds you have no privacy, a frequent cost over function feature of the budget hotels I live in. People walk by looking straight ahead as is proper, only children look in.

I have my cup of tea with corn syrup in it, – well actually it is “non-dairy creamer.” The first ingredient is corn syrup and there is nothing in there that looks like it was ever near a dairy, the only connection to cream is that it is white. In Australia they are more honest, the simply call it “whitener.”

Interestingly the Lay’s potato chips I had last night had far less corn connection than I thought. Corn oil, and a corn sweetener was about it, why shoot they are almost health food!

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