25th Anniversary – at Death Valley

Death Valley, for your 25th Wedding Anniversary? Folks found that humorous, we could hardly wait.


The end of November was the perfect time to visit a place that had been on our list for many years. Temperature in the 75-80F ranges, lots of sun to break the gray of Seattle November, and lots of hiking and exploring to keep us occupied; what more could you ask for?

Looking back, it was one of the best trips ever, the right choice for sure. Tricia said that the name Death Valley does not fit all of the rugged beauty we saw. What we did not see was just as significant, no rain, AND no rattlesnakes or scorpions. Trcia calls this pic, “Running From Snakes” though there weren’t actually any there, but it was good practiceImage

We stayed at Furnace Creek Ranch, a resort that is 190 feet below sea level. If you want more luxury, try the Furnace Creek Inn a mile away, but you pay dearly for the difference. Our rustic room was just fine, we were there to hike and explore, not sit in a room.

We drove by Stovepipe Resort on the way to Mosaic Canyon and were relieved that we did not stay there. It might be a bit newer, but it is also lacks charm. There is also Panamint Valley, which looks worth checking out, but we did not actually see it, just the web.

For foodies like us the venues for eating were a bit slim, yet we did fine. The Steakhouse at the Ranch was OK, and appetizers in the lobby of the Inn.

Great trip, great anniversary – looking forward to the next 25 years of travel with the best travel buddy there is, Tricia.

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