Oregon and back – a weekend stir-fry

Stir-fry is a quick cooked meal composed of a variety of often disassociated fixin’s, that all come together end the end. Such was our weekend.


10.00am Pick up rental car, load Alexis’ stuff into her car.

11.00am Total Wine and More in Tukwila, shop, taste, buy.

Noon – 1.00pm At airport to pick up Alexis, she was arriving from Bangladesh, via Dubai.

Drive to Newberg arriving at 4.35.pm, we dropped her off and helped her unload.

Tim and Cheri’s at about 5.35pm, wonderful evening of roasted chicken, green beans, fireplace, good music.

Red Lion Jantzen Beach by 10.30pm


screenshotAfter a fruitless search for a latte, I found one at the hotel. Tim picked me up at 7.45am for coffee at the Red E in Portland.

We met up with Tricia and Cheri at about 9.30 then headed to breakfast at a funky, odd, car themed diner- Beaterville – I had the “Mini Cooper” – scrambled eggs with pepper-jack cheese, potatoes, biscuits and gravy.

At 11.30am we got to Adam’s house, my son. He wanted us to eat frozen pizza which we did, just to not offend.

We left for Seattle at 1.00pm.

What a weekend, yet it all worked out great, we saw Alexis, Adam, and our friends all in the same weekend. We had some great food, and probably too much Scotch. But it was a wonderful time.

Sometimes the crazy just works.

2 thoughts on “Oregon and back – a weekend stir-fry

  1. Warren Axtell

    Glad you had a good weekend, though it was a little busy. Your breakfast of scrambled eggs with pepper-jack cheese, potatoes, biscuits and gravy sounds soooo good! .


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