Eating and enjoying at 30,000 feet

IMG 0263Comedians love to poke fun at airplane food. Yet at times it is a joy. Last Saturday evening on a flight from Orange County to Seattle I had a memorable meal. Noise blocking headphones created a quiet oasis from the roar of the engines, some good Celtic music set the mood, the darkened cabin added to the relaxing ambience.

They served beef Wellington and it was quite good. The crust was not doughy or chewy, rather amazing considering that it had to be cooked, held, transported, and re-heated before it was on my tray. I had a decent Cabernet to go with it.

The often overlooked reward for flying is time to yourself. I spent two hours listening to music, enjoying food and wine, topped off by a wee dram of Glenfedich.  In this busy world that is a real treat.

As I write this I am on a Delta flight to North Dakota, seat 29D. I had a Boar’s Head roast beef sandwich with horseradish sauce, along with a Heineken. It was not beef Wellington in first class, but I have had worse food. And of course the space is a lot more minimalist. Yet why complain?

Some tips for making flying more enjoyable:

  1. Get to the airport early, rushing starts the whole event off on the wrong foot.
  2. Headphones – get the best noise blocking or canceling set you can afford. Bose are nice, I have Shure, and Sony makes some that are under $100. The quiet reduces the stress.
  3. Either stop at a good take-away in the airport or buy the food on the plane, go ahead and splurge for the wine if you are so inclined, it is no more expensive than at a wine bar, though maybe not as good, yet the self-indulgence is worth it.
  4. An e-reader or good magazine (I prefer ones that I don’t normally read, another splurge) tops it all off.
  5. And for me, rarely do I work, flying is my time, my secret hideaway where no one can interrupt.

Travel is pretty much what you make of it, attitude and preparation are the key. You may not be in first class, but you can have a first class state of mind, and that makes all the difference.

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