Tasteless tomatoes,

animal-vegetable-miracleThe more I learn about how and where our food comes from the more I am convinced that we need to give it a lot more thought. We need major changes in what we eat and how we raise it.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is one of the best I have read, it and Omnivores’ Dilemma are must reads.

We are actually reducing the varieties of food we can grow, killing off forever many delicious fruits and vegetables in favor of GMO’s that withstand herbicides.  Large segments of our society have no idea where food actually comes from.

A Stanford attorney was shocked to see a video of a sow and piglets, she asked an acquaintance of mine what “they” were for. When it was explained that the pigs were the source of the pork chops they had for dinner, the attorney replied, “No, the pork chops come from the store.”

There are accounts of grade school students that were shocked to find that potatoes are plants with leaves and such.

I was a sales manger for Pacific Fruit and Produce, before they became Food service of America. I remember the banana and tomato rooms. The fruit would be trucked in green, placed in these temperature controlled rooms, the room is filled with ethylene gas so the fruit can turn yellow or red; not to be confused with ripe. So the tomatoes are red, but have the flavor of cardboard.

Compare some day a tomato grown in Chile, with one grown local, or from your own backyard. The similarity is only in the color. We need to get back to local. od-3

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