The itinerary


We fly to London arriving late in the evening, so we will spend the night near Heathrow. The next morning we make our way to Bath by way of the Tube and Train. After a few days in Bath its back to Gatwick and a flight to Barcelona in Spain. Alexis will join us there for a couple of days, then we will rent a car and drive to Madrid. When we leave Madrid we will fly to Lyon, France. Alexis will take the train to Seville to meet up with a college friend. We will spend a week in the South of France before returning our car in Lyon then taking the high speed TGV train to Paris where we will Join Alexis for a couple days before she returns home. We will then take a train through the Chunnel, flying out of Heathrow for Seattle the next day.

Sophie and Neville, our cats, will miss us, but thanks to a great house-sitter, neighbors and their dogs that keep a watchful eye, and a great guy who is going to clean the gutters, they will not be alone much at all, in fact probably have more company than when we are home going to work.

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