Kestrel is back home – wisdom from a well travelled bird

IMG_0642After flying over 12,000 miles, 3 train journeys, 7 cities in 3 countries Kestrel is back home in Washington. Kestrels are one of the smallest falcons; so flying at 35,000 feet from Seattle to Europe was quite an adventure, but Kestrel did it with confidence and class.

His adventure began at Sea-Tac airport in Seattle, from there to London, with a brief layover in Chicago; by the end of his first day he had certainly traveled further than any other Kestrel had ever traveled and this was only the beginning.

Early the next morning he boarded a train for the city of Bath Spa in Western England.  He visited Paddington Bear at the train station on his way out of town. Bath is famous for the Roman Baths, still standing 2000 years after they were built. The Romans who visited the baths would not have been surprised to see a falcon; they used them for sport and hunting. Kestrel was sighted at the Royal Circle in Bath, even today it is where those with culture and class live, he fit right in. Kestrel Port is comfortable and adds to the class of any setting.

Barcelona, Spain was his next stop.  Kestrel was sighted at Place Catyluna, one of the busy hubs in the heart of the city; however he found the Gaudi architecture a bit gaudy. Next stop – Madrid.

Madrid is statelier, there he visited the Royal Palace, patterned after Versailles in Paris, but not near as elaborate. He was sighted again at the train station, fascinated by the huge tropical garden right in the center of the station.

With two countries added to his passport Kestrel headed for Lyon, France. A two-hour car ride stretched to 3 hours thanks to the frustration of trying to navigate the confusing knotted streets of Avignon. Kestrel spent the next week in the South of France and was sighted again in Moustiers Saint Marie, a wonderful little town built around an ancient monastery and church built high in the rocky mountains of Eastern Provence.

It was a wonderful adventure for such a little bird, now he waits patiently for the culmination of it all when he will again be the center of attention at a post-trip party. What better way to reminisce than with a glass of Kestrel Port and a bite or two of dark chocolate?

What advice would Kestrel pass along? That life is full of wonderful adventures, some close to home, some far away. There is good food, friends, and beauty. That in a world that moves too fast, gets stressed, and has its share of negativity, it is important to take time to slow down. So call up a friend, slice some cheese, open a bottle of wine and recharge.

When the conversation moves to your next adventure, Kestrel is waiting for your call.

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