Mon choix: anchois

Had to re-post this, I want to go here!

A new life in Lille

If you think that snails should be served only in garlic butter, think again. My weekend in Normandy proved to me that almost anything is possible when it comes to eating molluscs.

It’s all thanks to La Petite Auberge in Rouen, where 13 different flavours are available.

They range from regional variations, such as Basque or Provençale style, to some quite adventurous offerings, such as aniseed, ginger and cinnamon or smoked salmon. Somewhere in the middle were saffron or almond butter.

Here was my chance to try something different. I opted for anchovy – and I didn’t regret it for a moment. The fish-scented butter married beautifully with the earthiness of the snails.

What’s more, instead of the usual six snails you get as a starter, La Petite Auberge serves a full 12. Double the pleasure.

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