I have dreamed of this meal my whole life


I have dreamed of going to Italy, today I finally made it. Got in after dark due to some navigating issues, then headed out for food. It was amazing, the only thing that would have made it a lot better was if Tricia could have been there, the part I wish was different about my life on the road was the times I don’t get to share with her.

I spent the first night at Trattoria A’Lanterna, it fit my criteria of no English on the menu, and no one really spoke any English at all. Of course after all day traveling a rosita wine was in order. A whole bottle made perfect sense.


Then I had Carpaccio of Tonno, and moved on to the main a Taglitaliia form the Sea. This makes food the best.IMG_1625

My waitresses were great, little English but they gave me a selfie and were a lot of fun.


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