Wines Not To Drink For Thanksgiving

Pinot is good, be sure its from Oregon

the drunken cyclist

Thanksgiving is this week here in the U.S. and that means that just about every wine blog in the country will have a post on what wines to serve at Thanksgiving. They will all cite the fact that it is near impossible to find a single “perfect” wine that will pair well with all the foods that will find their way on to the table.

And they would be right.

I would hazard to guess that most wine people spend more time figuring out what wines to consume on Thanksgiving than they will spend exercising the following month trying to burn off all those extra calories consumed.

I say: don’t waste your time, as there is no “perfect” Thanksgiving wine. Instead, follow these simple guidelines on what not to do.

Don’t be bold: Unless you are at home and can go down into the cellar to grab something else, now is not the time…

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