Five Days on the Road, Day 3

Up again a bit after 5.00am, nothing new there. Another cup of Earl Gray tea in my ceramic cup with an elephant trunk for the handle. I got the cup a couple of years ago on a trip with Tricia and my mother to La Conner. There is a little shop there that has intriguing things from India and the surrounding countries, thus the elephant motif.

Spent most of morning reading and watching the Presidential race, I should tire of it yet it is addicting. Still not sure what to make of it all, but the people are speaking, for good or bad, we are seeing reflections of the populace in the candidates, a bit of a mirror on our society – that is sobering at times.

A good day at Starbuck’s a free drink on my iPhone app, so I had a short Latte Macchiato with an extra shot, in a real glass cup – yes I do have a thing about paper cups, its just not the same. Then I am off to do day two of the project management training I started yesterday, get to dance around management issues to a group that probably needs to hear them. I am looking forward to traveling to Anaheim tonight.

Made it through the seminar, great evaluations, yet glad to be at the airport. Turned in the rental car, rode the shuttle bus to the terminal. Now I am having a beverage and I already sent in an invoice, I do like getting paid.

It is 4.30pm, my flight for Anaheim boards in 2 hours. I am B33 for boarding on Southwest, that still gets me an aisle seat and overhead for my roller, so life is good. 

In Anaheim I am at the Holiday Inn next to Disney, a much happier place on earth than West Sacramento for sure. May walk tomorrow to Downtown Disney just for the diversion, and for a better meal.

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