Gardena, CA and Union Gap, WA

Tonight I is a stay in the room night, they happen at least one night a week. Wine and cheese, rugby or a good book. This night finds me in Gardena, CA. It is about half way between LAX and Disneyland, yet it reminds me of Union Gap, a suburb of Yakima, better known as Yak-Vegas, WA.

My night of reclusion requires shopping for wine and food, the best I could do here is Wal-Mart a store I work hard to avoid at all costs. This Wal-Mart has white wine for $1.97, scary. I bought a Mondavi for $8.57, some sliced cheese and crackers.

Staying at a Comfort Inn, scary looking from the outside but actually the room is pretty decent, large, clean and new. $30 more than the room I had near Disney, yet that one seemed to have a lot of friendly ladies near, some that got into cars in the parking lot, so possibly the room was “subsidized.”

The joys of traveling on a budget are that at times you end up in some interesting places, now a person can fight that or see it as part of the fabric of life this world offers. We travel through this world with blinders on for the most part so we miss the big picture.  And I must agree with Rick Steves’ that when we get away from the 4 Star travel we see the real world and meet the real people. This world is full of common folks, and they are worth getting to know. It is the people that makes travel what I love, all the people.

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